DAT establishes new subsidiary in China

  • DAT Group Hong Kong Ltd as bridgehead for further activities in China
  • Used car valuation and damage calculation as strategic fields of business


Ostfildern / Hong Kong (17. September 2014) – The Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT) has founded a subsidiary in Hong Kong. Operating under the name "DAT Group Hong Kong Ltd", it will work the Chinese market and it's founding was preceded by a decision by the DAT shareholders VDA, VDIK and ZDA. 


"This is an important step into the future for the DAT Group," CEO Helmut Eifert, responsible for international affairs, explains. "The DAT Group Hong Kong serves as a bridgehead for further exploration of the Chinese market, and from there on we can continue to build up corporate presence on the entire Chinese mainland. Our strategic goal is to establish a new standard for damage calculation along with our Chinese partners, and to offer reliable used car values and forecasts."


The DAT Group Hong Kong's focus lies on used car valuation, damage calculation and an accordingly intelligent claims management system. "The Chinese used-car-market is growing incredibly quickly, and the need for know-how for the determination of used car valuation is huge." says Helmut Eifert. "The vehicle fleet in China is very young compared to the German market, with 6.5 Mio title transfers registered in 2013 alone, with rising tendency. For this reason, we will be offering solutions on the basis of SilverDAT. Furthermore, we can see that there is not yet a reliable standard when it comes to the calculation and management of accident damages that insurances as well as workshops can trust. Newest developments have proven this. This is where our products SilverDAT myclaim and SilverDAT calculatePRO come into play, both of which we have already developed in a Chinese version."


Starting fall 2014, the DAT will begin offering services and products in China. "We are already having intensive discussions with possible partners and potential customers about the targetet introduction of our products and sevices to Greater China." Helmut Eifert confims.