DAT founds new subsidiary in Greece

  • The shareholders of the DAT have founded DAT Hellas as a full subsidiary of the DAT Group for Greece and Cyprus
  • Previous investments of the DAT in Greece will remain protected
  • Direct connection to the market through their own employees
  • Acceleration and flexiblisation of processes in the automobile- and insurance industries



Ostfildern / Athens (11.8.2015)- The shareholders of the DAT, including representatives of the VDA, VDIK and ZDK, have decided on the founding of a new subsidiary in Greece. This enables the DAT to help stabilize the currently somewhat tense economic situation while also guaranteeing the protecting of previous investments. 


Operating under the name "DAT Hellas", the group is to be full subsidiary of the DAT Group, and not- as in the past 8 years- simply a distribution partner. "With this step, we are showcasing our belief in the potential of the Greek market. Greece is an important country for the DAT, since especially the digitalized processes of the insurance companies there offer an ideal field of application for our tool SilverDAT myclaimPRO. Furthermore, a personal subsidiary ensures a direct thread to the market, as well as the roll-out of the next SilverDAT generation through own employees." Helmut Eifert, CEO responsible for international affairs, explains.


The main customers of DAT Hellas include insurances, experts and workshops. "Particularly our product SilverDAT myclaimPRO will allow us to go even further into the field of claims management." Helmut Eifert adds.


The DAT Hellas team will be under the leadership of CEOs Dimitrios Valavanis and Savvas Sidiropoulos, both of whom have been distribution partners of the DAT for many years. "Our involvement in Greece and Cyprus is marked by continuality and long-term nature. Additionally, we have an experienced team committed to supplying the Greek market, insurances in particular, with the high demand of data and processing tools. We are confident at we have already begun establishing a new standard for the Greek automobile- and insurance industries." concludes Helmut Eifert.