Providing Automotive Data for over 90 Years

About Us

We are an international company operating in the automotive industry. DAT Group provides data, products and services that focus on enabling a digital vehicle lifecycle.

Our Mission

For more than 90 years, our mission has been to collect and organize comprehensive automotive data and provide the industry with the most superior information.

Our product family, SilverDAT, not only offers top-of-the-line tools for vehicle identification, calculation of repair work and damage assessment as well as claims-related communication with insurance companies, but it also allows users to receive reliable used-car valuations or residual values through our large database and methodology.

We are dedicated to providing the industry with the most superior products and services to make business easier and more efficient for our customers and clients.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is one of neutrality, reliability and innovation. Founded in 1931, DAT has always seen itself as a neutral intermediary between all stakeholders of the automobile industry and has since the very beginning been supported by the same three founding partners: the VDA (Association of the German Automotive Industry), the VDIK (Association of the International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers) and the ZDK (German Federation for Motor Trades and Repairs).
This structure gives the DAT a unique status and a special mandate within the automotive industry.

Today, our company has over 550 employees in 22 countries throughout Europe and Asia. 

Our CEOs

Dr. Thilo Wagner

Managing Director Products

Dr. Thilo Wagner coordinates and leads the product development and IT department at DAT. He joined the DAT in 2012 as CEO.

Jens Nietzschmann

Managing Director Germany (Spokesman)

Jens Nietzschmann started his career at the DAT in 1995 and became CEO in 2007. He is responsible for distribution, sales and administrative activites.

Helmut Eifert

Managing Director Foreign Countries

Helmut Eifert is responsible for international development and oversees all subsidiaries worldwide. He joined DAT as CEO in 2012.