Used Vehicle valuation

Professionally evaluate and manage used vehicles

Precision and accuracy in the valuation of used cars is critical to the used car business.


SilverDAT delivers the current vehicle value within seconds of taking all value-influencing factors into account. As a result, you can objectively, efficiently and reliably evaluate cars, SUVs, two-wheelers, vans up to 3.5 tons, heavy-duty trucks and their bodies.

   Based on reports from real dealers about their return on sales, not offer prices from Internet exchanges

   Complete consideration of standard and optional equipment as well as options packages

   Condition of the vehicle versus the repair work required is taken into account

   Future forecast at a trade-in at a later date; also applies to larger vehicle stocks

   Key date estimation of individual vehicles as well as of the entire vehicle stock (e.g. for inventory purposes)

   Used vehicle management for detailed, up-to-date reporting

   Key figure analysis, such as standing time control, contribution margin, profit expectation, pre-, intermediate and post- process estimates (individual or of the entire vehicle stock), capital interest

   Management and control of access rights, evaluation factors, time and cost management for shop floor orders, hourly rates, types of business, vehicle classes, sales commission, warranty checks, prospective customer management including illustrated quotations, dynamic pricing strategies etc.

   Monitoring comparison offers via SilverDAT WebScan from Internet exchanges without needing to make multiple separate entries