Efficient. Intelligent. Connected.

Digitized expertise for smart claim handling.

Simple process,
quick damage detection.


Identification of vehicle
parts and damage.


Detailed cost calculation and
precise residual value prediction.


Real-time detection and assessment

The future of claim recording and initial calculation utilising artificial intelligence

FastTrackAI® is launching a fully digitized claims handling process so that claims regarding damaged vehicles can be settled much faster and with less stress. Insurance companies and experts have more time for complex claims, and customers benefit from fast damage detection, transparently documented decisions, as well as consistent and precise damage calculation in real time. They profit not only from a huge pool of up-to-date data, but also from the unique linking of players along the entire automotive value chain.


Advantages At A Glance:

  Faster claim processing

  No need for standard manual processes  

  Exploitation of saving potentials  

  Precise and reliable calculations  

  Transparent documentation  

  Customer loyalty through self-service interaction  

  Increased customer satisfaction

  Always based on real and current vehicle OEM data

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FAQ: Questions and answers about FastTrackAI®

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The web app does not need to be obtained from an app store, which means no download is required. The app is made available to the user via a link.

FastTrackAI is a flexible and dynamically deployable application. Depending on your needs, the different process steps can be transferred to other systems through API. For example, the mobile claim app (WebApp) can be purchased separately from the overall process and integrated elsewhere. The same applies to all other process steps such as damage analysis and calculation.

If there is personal data in the vehicle images, such as license plates, persons or documents, these are anonymized or hidden.

FastTrackAI is designed to be configured individually as desired.  For example, individual hourly billing rates can be created within the application or calculations can be adjusted subsequently.