Instant and Precise Vehicle Information with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The number of doors and rims as well as the brand name of a car are all features that one can immediately and visually identify on a vehicle. However, which equipment, systems, package and options is this vehicle specifically outfitted with? More and more vehicles are being equipped with all kinds of driving assistance (ADAS) systems. In addition to this, the different manufacturer configuration options for the same vehicle models are ever-increasing. As a result, a growing number of unique vehicles being assembled. Furthermore, several problems are caused if these types of vehicles are not part of the digital world.

SilverDAT VIN information provides an instant overview of the equipment a vehicle is outfitted with. The country's license plate or VIN permits access to the vehicle’s factory specifications. This information consists of the engine and transmission types, the standard equipment, the exact options package as well as the paint codes and names.

Knowing the exact details of the vehicle you are dealing with is vital for your business processes, and can even optimize these as well as your products or services. With the exact options package of a car, you immediately have the right specifications for your follow-up processes such as for valuations, repairs, maintenance or damage repair work, BPM calculations, importing, exporting, purchasing and selling.