SilverDAT Interface Partnership

DAT is one of the leading suppliers of software in the automotive industry.

DAT offers a wide range of tools for vehicle identification, repair cost calculations, assessment and complex claims management software for professional vehicle handling. Each tool in turn contains a multitude of possibilities.

Vehicle identification tools, for example:

  • Identification of vehicles in the DAT scheme according to DAT €uropa Code® for manufacturer-independent comparisons
  • Fleet management and superior ratings or repairs
  • VIN request to uniquely identify a vehicle with comprehensive original equipment information instantly


Tools for calculating vehicle repairs, for example:

  • Repair cost calculations due to damages
  • Quotations for the auto repair garage customers
  • Individual repair calculations: glass damage, exhaust and tire change etc.
  • Spare parts management, repair work comparisons, auto repair garage cost management


Tools for valuation of vehicles, for example:

  • Rating of used vehicles
  • Residual value forecasts for lease processing
  • Underlying for insurance amounts
  • Calculations of vehicle financing
  • Retroactive valuation or disputes
  • Calculation of value stocks in fleets


Tools to handle complex claims, for example:

  • Expert opinions
  • Vehicle reviews
  • Terms and conditions of insurance cover
  • Repair costs for various auto repair garages


All applications of the tools can be used completely or partially via interfaces. DAT customers have the option of integrating individual SilverDAT functions into their own applications via an interface.